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New Near Community

Considering that the mod of near_and_dear has gone AWOL, I thought a new community might be in order...? A maintainerless community is never a good thing, as there isn't anyone available to edit posts, freeze arguments, delete spam, etc.

So, I've made a new one.

Join nearhere for all your Near-related RP needs. Thanks for your attention!

Okay, I caved.

So, uh, I'm a new Near player who is... completely winging it and banging my head against the desk in the process. (See icon, take it literally.) I'm glad to see this community around. Nice to meet y'all!

I actually have some questions for you guys that were inspired by the L player community.
I'm used to playing characters that are a little more outgoing than Near, so I'd really like to see your responses! :)

1. How does your Near interact with L? Or Matt?

2. On that note, how does he interact with B? (Does he know about B?)

3. How much of a sense of humor does your Near have, if any?

4. If you're playing in a multi/pan fandom RP, how "outgoing" is Near? (Does he respond to other strangers' posts much?)

How does your Near feel?

Since posts are wanted ((And I'm curious)) I'd thought I'd ask a question myself....When playing Near ((Or someone that RPs with a Near)) How does your Near feel about relationships? Who is your Near with? Do they even care to be with anyone? How does said relationship work out, or not work out? Care to share any details about some of the RPs you do with Near in a romantic/pairing/relationship moment?

I'll start off by saying that as a Near RPer me, or rather my Near, loves Mello....Though there are many rocky moments between them, it is a romantic style most of the time. They both tend to not share their deepest feelings towards each other and end up bickering more often then not, but in the end show through where words cannot express...
. . . And I want to keep the community somewhat active . . .

Strangest event your Nears have been in while in-play. Go!

New Near

Hello, my name is Yoyo and I found this club searching around for more things on LJ regarding Near((My sweetest fave of DN))I play Near with my best friend ((She's my Mello))and I couldn't believe that there was a wonderful club for people that rp Near...I'm quite nervous is speaking my hello's but I just want to say how happy I am to come across this place...I've only been playing for about a year but I love being Near so much...So yeah...Um....Hello everyone and I am quite glad to be a member here!


Seeing as how no one has stepped forward to discuss anything here (yet), I believe I should put forward a potential topic that might make its rounds onto the Mello community as well.


What sort of history have you given your Nears before they arrived in Wammy's? Were they abandoned? Did their parents die? Did they just "poof" out of thin air?

Curious as to the answers ~ ♥

First Post~?

Hey everyone!

My name is Leah and I'm a Near player. At a lot of comms. Here have a list:


Critiquing is welcome. I feel like I don't get it enough anywayz. I really enjoy playing him because well...he's extremely interesting. We only see him through a very...third person point of view in the series. Not a whole lot of obvious depth to his character. But really, his personality is exciting to explore. I can't really explain this. I'm bad at explaining things. I just feel his voice pretty well (at least I hope so >_>). However, he is a lot of work, I won't lie. Researching into other characters, OOC scheming, just general research...It's fun though. I enjoy that type of thing.

First post!

Welcome to near_and_dear, a community done in the style of what_the_l and mr_raito.

Now, I myself have yet to play Near. However, my potential co-maintainer plays him avidly and the character fascinates me to no end thanks to someone I played with for nearly a year.

So, to start off with in regards to discussion (this community's actual purpose), where are you all playing Near? What is it you enjoy playing about him? What are some of the challenges you have playing him?

Don't be shy! Speak up!

Test post

Testing to see how text looks with the various layouts ~